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Tonehammer (8Dio/Soundiron) Libraries Collection

Tonehammer (8Dio/Soundiron) Libraries Collection
Tonehammer (8Dio/Soundiron) Libraries Collection
Tonehammer (8Dio/Soundiron) Libraries Collection
Libraries Collection | KONTAKT | Total Size: 46.07 GB

Big collection of 38 Kontakt libraries from Tonehammer (8Dio and Soundiron).
12.12.2012 added:
Tuned Artillery (KONTAKT), Tuned Percussion Micro (KONTAKT), High School Drum Corps v2.0 (KONTAKT), Rust Vol.1 v2.0 (KONTAKT), Rust Vol.3 (KONTAKT), Olympus Micro Choir v1.1 (KONTAKT), Breaker Incl.Update (KONTAKT), Sick (KONTAKT).

Collection contains:

Alien Drum (470 MB)
Alien Drum (aka Hang Drum by Pan Art) is a unique tone based percussion instrument, which is almost impossible to come by, since there is only one maker in the world and less than 1000 drums in circulation.

Forgotten Voices: Barbary (842 MB)
Barbary Grant is a highly renowned vocalist and harper within Celtic communities. She sings- and articulates fluently- in all three Goidelic languages: Scots Gaelic, Irish, and Manx.

Bowed Grand Piano (1.34 GB)
Welcome to Bowed Grand Piano ? a library decided to deep sampling of bowed and FX based grand piano strings. The bowing of a piano is a delicate effort, since the instrument is not designed to be bowed.

Epic Tom Ensemble (459 MB)
Epic Tom Ensemble is a large multi-sample library dedicated to massive ensemble percussion. We captured a variety of power articulations, using a combination of high-tuned 10? ? 14? toms, roto-toms and octabans, various floor toms, bass drums and custom designed mega-toms.

Epic Guitars Vol.1 (668 MB)
Welcome to Epic Guitar. A library focused on epic rock. Epic Guitar features one of the best heavy session guitar players in the Scandinavia, Danne Forsblom.

Plucked Grand Piano (2.61 GB)
Welcome to Plucked Grand Piano ? a library dedicated to deep sampling of plucked and hammer struck grand piano strings. The Plucked Grand Piano was created by public demand from our users, since its never been properly deep sampled before.

Small Epic Percussion (627 MB)
A great collection of small orchestral and ethnic percussion instruments intended both to compliment our existing collection of epic drums. It also stands alone as a unique toolbox of under-appreciated but often called-for items, like the tambourine and finger cymbals.

Forgotten Voices: Terrie (1.19 GB)
Welcome to our Native African, Soul and RnB inspired Forgotten Voices: ?Terrie? Internationally renowned, Terrie Odabi, is a classically trained singer who studied under Gwen Brown, Bill Bell and the late John Patton.

Cajon and Bongo (667 MB)
The Slaves of West and Central African origin are considered to be the origin of the Cajon drum, which is essentially a wooden box with a thin sheet of wood nailed on as the sixth side acting as the striking surface. The Cajon is a highly featured instrument in Cuban music, which also traditionally contains the bongo. The Bongo was also brought from Africa to Cuba by the slaves and both are often featured in salsa, rumba, changui and other traditional styles.

Forgotten Voices: Caite (806 MB)
Forgotten Voices: ?Cait? Singer Cait McWhir, originally hailing from Ireland, draws her inspiration from almost 20 years of exploration with indian, balkan, middle-eastern & celtic vocal styles.

Epic Toms High & Epic Toms Low (181 MB)
Multi-sampled toms perfect for action cues and sound effects. It's a 5-man percussion ensemble, utilizing 3 small to medium sized bass drums, 2 floor toms and the biggest rack tom we could find, all recorded in a large, bright hall. The hall has a very high ceiling and the room shape is very asymmetrical. Most of the surfaces in the space are glass, tile and stone.

Epic Dhol Ensemble (1.21 GB)
Welcome to 8Dio Epic Dhol Ensemble. We bought three high-end Punjab Dhol drums and recorded them in the same orchestral hall as our Epic Toms. It is by far the most massive sounding epic percussion ensemble library available anywhere. We designed it specifically for epic and aggressive percussive scoring.

Didgeridoo (257 MB)
Didgeridoo (aka Didge) is an Australian Aboriginal wind instrument dating back over approx.1500-2000 years. The instrument is made from Eucalyptus logs hollowed out by termites and is widely regarded as one of the oldest woodwind (aerophone) instruments in existence.

Forgotten Voices: Francesca (517 MB)
Welcome to Forgotten Voices: ?Francesca?. The singer, Francesca Genco, is a highly gifted female alto singer covering a variety of vocal textures from soft to powerful, crying and evocative type of vocals.

Propanium (365 MB)
Propanium (aka MILLTONE) is a highly emotive, metal based, tongue drum. The drum has certain similarities to the Hang Drum, but is more clean, less ?steel-drummy?, has more harmonics and overtones. We recorded Propanium in a variety of ways including finger, brushes, mallet articulations and tons of effects.

Gnomehammer (633 MB)
The library includes a wide range of comedic sounds from authentic helium choir to drum kits - from snow and ice sounds - from human beat box through PVC ensembles to manipulation of childrens balloons - from glockenspiel to sleighbells etc.

Bamblong (466 MB)
The Bamblong is a small tuned percussion instrument, similar in principle to a marimba. It has 4 bamboo resonance chambers, roughly ranging between 1? ? 2? inches wide and 8 ? 14 inches long, with sound holes in the top of each.

Circle Bells (1.99 GB)
We spend a great deal of our time finding and/or creating new instruments that are not commonly known and the Circlebells are no exception. We managed to get our hands on a very unique tuned percussion instrument, which is made by an artisan in the San Francisco Bay Area and can only be found in a handful of local music shops.

Cylindrum 1.0 (271 MB)
The ?Cylindrum? is a massive custom built tuned percussion instrument. It operates using the principle of open and closed air column resonance. The Cylindrum was designed and created using a series of mathematical investigations along with plenty of elbow grease