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PSP Audioware N2O AU VST RTAS 1.0.1 (PC/MAC)

PSP Audioware N2O AU VST RTAS 1.0.1 (PC/MAC)
PSP Audioware N2O AU VST RTAS 1.0.1 (PC/MAC)
AU VST RTAS | TEAM NEMESiS | 29 MAY 2011 | 15 MB

Nitrous Oxide has always been a powerful substance. It can boost the power of your engine, help you to appreciate your dentist more, and even make your party rock. Now, with the advent of PSP N2O, it can do even more. This semi-modular multi-effect offers unparalleled flexibility and total sound creation freedom in a compact plug-in. The high-quality sound processing modules can be routed in any configuration, allowing for endless musical journeys. While built upon the same basic concept as PSP Nitro, PSP N2O, with its new modules and extended modulation features, explores completely new sonic areas.

The plug-in engine has been rewritten and redesigned from scratch in order to improve the sound and take full advantage of the optimizations offered by modern CPUs. The enhanced user interface improves the experience of both sound designers creating their own soundscapes as well as everyday users who aren?t as fond of looking under the hood.


* up to four sound processing operators at a time; among the available types are: morphing resonant and formant filters, eq, delay, reverb, pitch-shifter, compressor/expander, bitcrusher, distortion, full-wave rectifier and many more
* up to four modulators at a time; the list includes: LFO, envelope detector, ADSR step sequencer
* eight assignable knobs with quick MIDI learn option for convenient access to the most essential preset parameters
* built-in limiter that uses algorithms from our extremely well regarded PSP Xenon hi-definition mastering limiter
* three displays, simplified modulation setup, keyboard and mouse wheel support for easy preset creation and tweaking
* animated response plots
* sidechain (key) input
* extensive SSE optimization
* 192 factory presets
* expandable architecture ? new operators and modulator types to be added in future versions while preserving backward compatibility

PSP Audioware N2O AU VST RTAS 1.0.1 (PC/MAC)