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Ambience 2 Digital Darkness KONTAKT

Ambience 2 Digital Darkness KONTAKT
Ambience 2 Digital Darkness KONTAKT
TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 10 December 2012 | 813 MB

Ambience 2 :: Digital Darkness is a collection of multi-layered, multi-textured instruments. It contains a collection of atmospheric, manipulated, and twisted soundscapes unlike any 'traditional' sounds you are familiar with. These instruments are versatile sounds that would be at home in electronic music, a New Age soundscape, orchestral film score, or even as an atmospheric backing to a rock/pop song. Ambience 2 is a versatile library of samples that will add a distinctive sound to your music productions. This library uses many different synthesis and experimental recordings as its foundation to create its unique sound.

The sounds are divided into five categories. They are:

Voices - airy synthesized voices, and manipulated choirs.
Texture - dark layered ambiences and atmospheres.
Pads - textures and droning sounds.
Bells - ringing pads and ambiences.
Noise - distorted, manipulated noises and effects.

Ambience 2 disc contains over 100 different sounds. Some sounds are hard to place in a category, so we recommend that you experiment with all the different sound categories.

Bottomless Abyss
Digital Voices
Unknown Voices
Spectre Utterance
Vault of Heaven
Glassy Texture
Wicked Forces
Sky Voices
Resonance Modified
Aimless Phantom


Acoustic Distorted
Democracy is Dead
Hostile Exploitation
Walking Pizz
Witch Doctor
Mental Space
Etheree Lore
Distant Radio Waves
Ghost Flight
Devil Laughing
Anticipation of Danger
Elaborate Solemn
Refracted Atmosphere
Brooding Ill
Sky Harp
Twilight Abrasion
Harp Pad
Strings X
Full Strings
Extreme Extravagance
Acoustic Radiation
Quiet Goodbye
Introspection Strings
Ideally Perfect State
Ice Fields
Mental Representation
Sacred Matters


PCM Demise
Persistent Imitation
Genius Loci
Gathering Regret
Mickle Indulgence
Developing Demise
White Whine
Surrounding Influence
Flying Saucer
Twilight Zone
B Movie Horror
Glassy Whistle
Soft Synth Pad
Out of the Fog
Subtle and Pleasing
Deep in the Morass
South Sky
Shadow Vox
Skill in Deception
Deep Mediation
Permanent End
Intent to Deceive
Dreamer Pad
Overwhelming Emotion
God and His People
The Final Stage
Exotic Midnight
Petulant Flutes
Pipe Enclosure


Alpine Angels
Pandora?s Box
Nature of Vice
Random Decline
Degree of Sophistication
Devil Dog
Glass Bellery
Organic Phenomenon
Penetration Erosion
Gamelan Bells
Hollow Ringing
Energy Derived
Infernal Angles Aug
By the Breath


Low Emitting
Complex Contraction
Metal Pluck
Demilitarized Zone
Heart Rumble
Nail Bells
Digital Whip
Warped Layers
Church of the Distorted
Inanimate Aversion