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ZG Pros Collection MULTiFORMAT

ZG Pros Collection MULTiFORMAT
ZG Pros Collection MULTiFORMAT
ZG Pros Collection MULTiFORMAT
ZG Pros Collection | Different Formats | Total Size: 191 GB

More then 125 products of (including new pro - Maximum Force)!!! Check the list below to find which one you missed.


Maximum Force (MULTiFORMAT)
Odyssey A Journey In Sound Design (MULTiFORMAT)
Beats From The East (MULTIFORMAT)
Elektrolytic (MULTiFORMAT)
Perception Cinemascapes (MULTiFORMAT)
Brazil Chillout (MULTiFORMAT)
Vocal Factory (MULTiFORMAT)
Modular Beats (MULTIFORMAT)
Glenn Morrison: Late Nights Early Beginnings (MULTIFORMAT)
Vocal India (MULTiFORMAT)
Vocal Foundry (MULTiFORMAT)
Vocal Forge (MULTiFORMAT)
iFX Midget Gems (WAV)
Sounds of the 70s (WAV)
Electro Glitch Essentials (MULTiFORMAT)
Phaedra Ultimate Analog (KONTAKT - VSTi DXi RTAS AU HYBRID DVDR)
Alien Skies: Cinematic Ambiences 2 (MULTiFORMAT)
Dark Skies: Cinematic Ambiences (WAV)
Akoustik Bass Hitz (MULTiFORMAT)
Nexus Experimental Drum & Bass (MULTiFORMAT)
Deep Impact: Cinematic Atmospheres & SFX (MULTiFORMAT)
Creative Essentials Series Vol.01: Rhythm Guitar and FX (WAV)
Creative Essentials Series Vol.02: Percussion Grooves (WAV)
Creative Essentials Series Vol.03: Brass Elements (WAV)
Creative Essentials Series Vol.04: Dance Vocals (WAV)
Creative Essentials Series Vol.06: Trance Formation (WAV)
Creative Essentials Series Vol.07: Dream Zone (CDDA, WAV)
Creative Essentials Series Vol.08: Spices Of India (CDDA, WAV)
Creative Essentials Series Vol.12: Hip Hop & Swing Breakdown (WAV)
Creative Essentials Series Vol.14: Live Bass Grooves (WAV)
Creative Essentials Series Vol.16: Drum and Percussion Tools (WAV)
Creative Essentials Series Vol.17: Bass Separates (CDDA, WAV)
Creative Essentials Series Vol.18: Rock and Pop Vocals (WAV)
Creative Essentials Series Vol.22: Reggae Connection (CDDA, WAV)
Creative Essentials Series Vol.24: Funk Construction (WAV)
Creative Essentials Series Vol.26: Vintage Keyboards (WAV)
Creative Essentials Series Vol.28: String Textures (WAV, KONTAKT)
Creative Essentials Series Vol.32: Jungle Frenzy 2 (CDDA, WAV)
Creative Essentials (REFILL)
EZ Rollers: Drum & Bass Producer Pack (MULTIFORMAT)
Animato: String & Flute FX for Cinema (KONTAKT, WAV)
Deepest India (WAV, KONTAKT)
Total House (WAV)
Disco Gold (MULTiFORMAT)
Altered States (VSTi DXi AU RTAS HYBRiD DVDR, WAV)
Guitar Odyssey (WAV)
WIRED The Elements Of Trance (WAV)
Vindaloops (WAV)
Spiritoso: Live Cello Phrases With 1.1 UPDATE (KONTAKT)
Celtic (WAV)
Urban Legend (MULTiFORMAT)
Electro House (MULTiFORMAT)
House Fabrik (MULTiFORMAT)
Anthem House (MULTiFORMAT)
Upbeat Dance Groove (WAV)
Rhythm Organism (REX2, WAV, APPLE LOOPS, REFILL)
Carnival Drums (MULTiFORMAT)
Drum Styles (WAV, REX, KONTAKT)
Pure Brazilian Beats (MULTiFORMAT)
Monster Beats (WAV)
Urban Elementz (MULTiFORMAT)
Soundclash: Nu Dance Electro (MULTiFORMAT)
Smoke (WAV, TRK)
Classic Disco (MULTiFORMAT)
Firestorm (MULTiFORMAT)
Ambient (WAV, KONTAKT)
Ambient 2 (CDDA)
Ambient Textures (REX, REFILL)
Nu Jointz v1.0 (VSTi DXi AU HYBRiD DVDR)
Ecstatic Grooves (MULTiFORMAT)
Garageband Pro Pack (APPLE LOOPS)
Flamenco Sounds (GIG, WAV, DLP)
Kocktail Kollection (WAV, REX2)
Ross's Rising Funk Guitar (WAV)
Phantom Horns DLP (KONTAKT)
Middle Eastern Sounds (WAV)
Malice In Wonderland (WAV, KONTAKT)
Skinned (WAV)
Old School Flavours Vol.1-4 (WAV)
Nu House (WAV)
Analog To Digital Vol.1-2 (WAV)
Brutal Beats (WAV)
Koncept and Funktion (WAV, REFILL)
Jungle Warfare Vol.1-3 (WAV, REX)
Indian Dance Classics (WAV)
Hardcore (WAV)
Ghost In The Machine (WAV)
Downbeat Dance Grooves (WAV)
Degrees of Abstract (WAV)
Progressive House (MULTiFORMAT)
Interface Guitar (WAV)
SoundSense Grime Scene (WAV, REX2)
Escape From The Planet Of The Breaks (WAV)
Funk Guitar (WAV)
Funky Elements (WAV)
Funk Bass (WAV, REX)
Deep House v2.0 (WAV)
Total REX (REX2)
Interface Dance (WAV)
Pure Trip Hop (CDDA, WAV, REX)
Vocal XTC (WAV)
Seismic Frequencies (WAV)
Satin Grooves (MULTiFORMAT)
Distorted Dancefloors (MULTiFORMAT)
Grinding Beats (REX, WAV, REFILL)
Freak Beats (WAV)
Degrees Of Abstract (REFILL)
Total Drum & Bass (WAV)
Soundsense Series: Old Skool House (WAV, APPLE LOOPS, REX)
Soundsense Series: Ambiosis (WAV, APPLE LOOPS)
Soundsense Series: Trance Inducer (WAV, APPLE LOOPS, REX)
Soundsense Series: Technomatik (WAV, APPLE LOOPS, REX)
Total Funk (WAV)
Chemical Synths (REFILL)
The Operating Table v1.0 (VSTi DXi AU)
The Big Reason (WAV, REX2, REASON)
Afrolatin Slam v1.0 VSTi + Update
Stakka Firestorm (REFILL)
Urban Ammunition (ACID WAV, AIFF)
Skinny Puppy Industrial (WAV)
Vocaloid Prima (VOCALOID2)
Analogue Sequencer Loops (VSTi DXi AU RTAS HYBRID)
Sounds of Polynesia VSTi
Harmonica (EXS24, HALion, WAV)
Nostalgia (VST DXi AU RTAS - PC)
Outer Limits (VSTi DXi AU RTAS HYBRID)
Beats Working in Cuba (VSTi DXi AU RTAS HYBRID)

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