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Masterbits Climax Collection Vol.8 B3 Organ CDDA-EtHnO

Masterbits Climax Collection Vol.8 B3 Organ CDDA-EtHnO
Climax Collection Vol.8 B3 Organ
Team: EtHnO | CDDA | Size: 316.72 MB
An authentic and complete collection of vintage Hammond sounds

This CD features 600 recordings of the real thing with Leslie and in Stereo. A 1947 B3 and a 1954 C3 were used in the sessions. From smooth background sounds for chords to jazz and rock solo settings with and without distortion and key click. Leslie effects are provided at slow and fast tempos. Every sound was captured in half tone steps to eliminate unrealistic sounding timbres and out-of-tempo Leslie modulations. The sounds are identified by their original drawbar settings so you can easily choose the sound you want.

"... everybody knows that characteristic sound with lots of noisy quirks from soft bubbling to a throaty growl and a nasty bite. This range is well represented by this CD-Rom...very authentic."- KEYS