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Guitar & Bass Magazine January 2013

Guitar & Bass Magazine January 2013
Guitar & Bass Magazine January 2013
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This month it?s time kick back the tables, roll up the carpet and get down with your crazy selves as we celebrate all things rockabilly, including a trio of affordable twang machines from Fender, Gretsch and Epiphone. And it doesn?t stop there: Elsewhere in the reviews section offerings by Lowden, Aria, Peavey and Zilla are put under the microscope. Michael Bloomfield, Paul Gilbert and Mike Stern make for a stellar threesome of artist features. All this, plus the usual vintage and tuition coverage ? we hope there?s something for everyone in this issue. Enjoy?

We pay homage to the genius of the late, great Michael Bloomfield this issue, as well as break guitar-shaped bread with former Mr Big goliath Paul Gilbert and fusion guru Mike Stern. Among the many things we learned from them is that you?re never to old to go back to school?

Who doesn?t want to own a pedal called the Quacker and Muffler? Well, Huw Price goes through these pedal parts kits to see how easy they are to put together, and whether the results are worth your valuable time. We guarantee that our tuition workshops on the guitar-playing of Tele legend Danny Gatton and the basslines of T.Rex are worth many precious hours getting under your fingers.

We check out Bluesmix?s Robert Fleming discerning taste in six-string workhorses in Private Collection. Phil Harris looks back the perils of humping vintage gear around, and is truly grateful he doesn?t have to do that any more. Sid Bishop remembers how he dealt with teenage ?triers-but-not-buyers? when working in Denmark Street, and admits he was just as bad when he was their age.

A trio of budget-friendly electrics worthy of playing old-school rock?n?roll find their way into the G&B testing lab this issue. Among those joining them for G&B judgements are a Lowden acoustic, a Fender combo, an Aria Bass ? as well as an intriguing WEM pedal reissue?