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Projekts Progressive House Vol.2 LOGiC PRO 9 TEMPLATE

Projekts Progressive House Vol.2 LOGiC PRO 9 TEMPLATE
Projekts Progressive House Vol.2

A rich, melodic, pumping and sun-drenched ear massage from Projekts Treat your brain and your DAW to this glimmering, spacial delight which will lift you and your studio into the stratosphere. Starting with a masterful, undulating, warm and constantly evolving introduction with pumping drums, velvety, thick and creamy synths, this template reveals itself like an incredible musical kaleidoscope of deep and hypnotic progressive house. It concludes by opening up the dam of Projekts' luminary house production skills with a drop that would take down a heavy-weight boxer with knock-out kicks, punchy bassline, throbbing synths, simmering percussion and everything you would and should expect from a blissful progressive house tune!

All samples and have been set up within Logic Pro's own EXS24 sampler and Ultrabeat. Synths and basslines use Logic's built-in ES1 and ES1 and like all Clicksound Logic Pro templates, this isn't a full-length song but contains all the essential elements for creating, building and producing your own track with every part of this template fully-customisable; such as the pitch, rhythm, quantisation of any musical or percussion part.

This template includes a mastering channel which uses an industry standard process using Logic Pro's powerful built-in mastering plug-ins to make your track sound punchy, loud and clear. We have also set up a sidechain kick for that pumping club sound. The sidechain effect can easily be applied to any new parts that you add to the template.

Tech Specs & Info:

? Logic Pro 9 MIDI Construction Template
? 130 BPM
? Required DAW: Logic Pro 9.2+
? Required Virtual Instrument: Logic Pro's internal native plug-ins EXS24, ES1, ES2 and Ultrabeat. All required samples and patches are included.
? Operating System: OSX 10.5+

PLEASE NOTE: Requires Logic Pro 9.2+