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Drum & Bass Micro Elements 1

Drum & Bass Micro Elements 1
Drum & Bass Micro Elements 1

PLEASE NOTE: Requires Logic Pro 9+ only and no other software is required.
Homegrown Micro Templates are compact construction kits containing everything you need to get going with your next project. Our Micro Templates are 8 - 16 bars long and contain drums, basslines and hooks and you can easily add your own ideas using your own plug-ins and virtual instruments. Clicksound Micro Templates are expertly designed to be a quick and easy starting point...we give you the parts, so you can concentrate on the arrangement.?? Everything's set up with EQ, compression and limiting for an industry standard sound. This anthemic, energetic and euphoric template includes ambient and glowing synth arpeggios, tight, punchy drums, expansive trance-like chords, an absolutely brazen bassline and effects that will blow the dance tent away!

It also includes a mastering channel which uses an industry standard process using Logic Pro's powerful built-in mastering plug-ins to make your track sound punchy, loud and clear.

Tech Specs & Info:

? Full Logic Pro 9 MIDI Micro Construction Template
? Bounced audio parts in .aif format
? 176 BPM
? Required DAW: Logic Pro 9+
? Required Virtual Instrument: Logic Pro's internal native plug-in EXS24
? Operating System: OSX 10.5+
? Download Size: 86MB