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TriTone Digital HYDRATONE VST.RTAS v1.43-AiR

TriTone Digital HYDRATONE VST.RTAS v1.43-AiR
TriTone Digital HYDRATONE VST RTAS AU v1.43
PC And v1.50 MAC (PC - MAC)
AiR/ArCADE | 2008/2007 | WiN: 12 MB | MAC: 10 MB

HydraTone is a five-band convolution EQ with fixed-curve bass and treble bands and true parametric low-mid, mid and high-mid bands. Additionally, HydraTone offers separate bass and treble filter sections featuring the unique ability to provide both filter-cut and filter-expansion processing. HydraTone allows the user to do more than simply select a single classic analog circuit for their EQ model; HydraTone also allows the user make this selection on a band-by-band basis. This allows the user to, for example, simultaneously use one EQ model on the bass band and a separate model on the high-mid band. HydraTone s output stage provides several additional algorithms. The first is a unique signal warming and mild compression algorithm called "Fire". The second is the ability to perform frequency-specific phase manipulation similar to that of hardware boxes popular for aligning multi-signal pairs. Finally, HydraTone allows the user to select a completely separate signal-path model for final output coloration.

HydraTone operates up to 32 bits/96 kHz and is compatible with VST, RTAS and AU plugin formats through the Pluggo runtime.

Note: the latest version of the same VST are diferent for PC and MAC...