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Pettinhouse DirectBass For KONTAKT
Team: AMPLiFYiSO | Size: 1.41 GB

DirectBass is an innovative 5 string bass sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt that includes all the bass pickups. 4 Gb recorded at 24 bit 96 Khz directly to the sound card without any amplifiers and efx. Combined with amp simulators it allows users to create an infinite number of bass sounds. 5 articulations, 5 strings, 3 pickups (Bridge, Bridge+Neck, Neck ) plus another picked bass were sampled for covering the entire range of bass styles.[FixedLinks]

Each articulation is about 1 Gb and it includes 3 layers and 4 samples for each note in round robin. It means that anytime you press a key it plays four different samples avoiding the typical "machine gun" effect.

All the samples were recorded taking care to capture the entire sustain and natural decay for unmatched realism.

It is the perfect complement for studios and live performances.


Bridge Pickup
Crispy sound rich of mid tones perfect for Funk, House.

Bridge + Neck Pickup
This standard sound used in the æ90s is for all kind of music but especially for Fusion, Pop, House, Funk.

Neck Pickup
Woody sound typical of the æ70s perfect for Disco, æ70s funk and rock.

Picked Neck
Crunchy sound for Rock and Metal

Sustained picked neck

Top Features:

- 1860 unique samples
- 4 samples and 3 layers for each key ( round robin ) played with index and middle finger.
- Release samples for each note.
- Slides and stops for each string