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iZ Iris Explored TUTORiAL

iZ Iris Explored TUTORiAL
iZ Iris Explored TUTORiAL
SONiTUS | March 2013 | 306.33 MB

See how iZ?s Iris lets us explore sound design and sampling by using both our ears and our eyes in this 41-tutorial course by the aural genius G.W. Childs...
Sound designers, by nature, like to think about audio in visual ways! The audio spectrum in many plugins' GUIs is represented by frequency graphs, amplitude energy displays and other analysis-type tools. Those kinds of visuals are great for making sonic decisions based upon strong knowledge of audio engineering. However, when it comes to creative sound design those scientific interfaces can sometimes seem a bit, shall we say, uninspiring!

Enter Iris: This groundbreaking virtual instrument lets us approach sound design the way a sculptor looks at a slab of marble. It enables us to artistically and visually chip away at the audio ?slab? to reveal the hidden beauty locked within. This is powerful stuff for anyone interested in thinking outside the box! In this course, Iris Explored, audio alchemist G.W. Childs takes us deep into sculpting sound and shows us how to harness Iris? powerful visual tools to create very personal and unique sonic masterpieces. You?ll learn the interface, tools and the sampling/synthesis engines that set Iris apart from most other virtual instruments.