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Zebra Borealis For U-HE ZEBRA2-DiSCOVER

Zebra Borealis For U-HE ZEBRA2-DiSCOVER
Zebra Borealis For ZEBRA2
DISCOVER | March 19 2016 | 2 MB

Zebra Borealis is a collection of 180 Patches for U-He Zebra2. The focus in Borealis is on synthetic sounds, designed for Modern Cinematic Scoring. Blending analogue and digital flavours, this soundset takes pure synthesis and gives it a kinetic, widescreen twist. Borealis is bursting with smooth basses and basslines, luscious pads, deft keys, pulsing sequences and arpeggios, dark soundscapes, and crunchy percussion loops. Taking a lead from artists from M83, Solar Fields and Cliff Martinez to Tangerine Dream, Jean-Michel Jarre and Giorgio Moroder, and scores such as Mass Effect, Monsters, Deus Ex: Human Evolution, Tron: Legacy and Blade Runner; Borealis gives classic synth sounds an update and opens them up for the big screen.

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? 180 Patches For U-He Zebra2
? 10 x Arps
? 16 x Basslines
? 20 x Basses
? 04 x Drums
? 08 x Keys
? 18 x Leads
? 16 x Loops
? 37 x Pads
? 22 x Scapes
? 29 x Sequences
? Requirements: U-He Zebra2.

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