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Valentino Production Sound Effects Library WAV-SUNiSO

Valentino Production Sound Effects Library WAV-SUNiSO
12.44 GB
CD1-25 :

CD 26-50 :
Valentino Production Sound Effects Library WAV-SUNiSO
Valentino Production Sound Effects Library WAV
Team SUNiSO | 20 Dec 2008 | 50 CD/14.6 GB

This 50 CD set has a comprehensive cross section of every type of sound effect imaginable in a variety of categories.
It is the oldest and largest sound collection of this kind in the US. Having provided music and sound effects clips in this format for more than 70 years, the "Wall Street Journal" has said that "When you hear most any sound other than a human voice on television, radio, in the movies or theatre, there s a good chance that it was developed in the Valentino studios."

Contents (List):

CD01 - Household, Phones;
CD02 - Audience, Applause, Office sounds;
CD03 - Science Fiction effects, Lasers, Light beams;
CD04 - Traffic, Ambience, Planes;
CD05 - Walking, Machinery, Trucks CD06 - Cars, Boats, Construction;
CD07 - Airplanes, Helicopters, Machine Guns;
CD08 - Clocks, Telephones, Airports;
CD09 - Men, Women, Jungle animals;
CD10 - Trains, Farm animals, Dogs;
CD11 - Billiards, Bowling, Construction;
CD12 - Bells, Slide wistles, Percussion instruments;
CD13 - Animals;
CD14 - Military vehicles;
CD15 - Military vehicles, Weapons;
CD16 - Famous speeches #1;
CD17 - Percussion, Bongos, Tympani rolls, Gongs, Drums;
CD18 - Police, Fire engines;
CD19 - Crowds, Race cars, Baseball;
CD20 - Guns, Sirens, Tools;
CD21 - Drums;
CD22 - Steam trains, Diesel trains, Subway trains;
CD23 - Sports crowds;
CD24 - Ice skating, Clocks, Bells, Whistles;
CD25 - Fireworks, Sports;
CD26 - Thunder, Rain, Weather backgrounds;
CD27 - Laugh tracks, Vocalizing, Tap dance;
CD28 - Animals, Insects, Whistles, Electronics;
CD29 - Sports Crowds, Casino effects, Horses;
CD30 - Golf, Football, Exercise effects;
CD31 - Automobiles, various;
CD32 - Trolleys, Airplanes, Ambience;
CD33 - Horror effects, Science Fiction;
CD34 - Jeep effects, Wrestling, Crowds;
CD35 - Vocal effects, breathing, Moaning, Baby;
CD36 - Footsteps, Children, Laughter;
CD37 - Hospital effects;
CD38 - Zings, Pops, Bangs, Squeaks, Grunts;
CD39 - Screams, Squeaks, Grumbles, Bongs, Pulses;
CD40 - Military jets;
CD41 - Animal effects, snorts, grunts, farm ambience;
CD42 - Famous speeches #2;
CD43 - Car effects, Bus effects;
CD44 - Motorcycles, Sports cars;
CD45 - Birds (all types);
CD46 - Animals (wild);
CD47 - Construction, Street ambience, Explosions;
CD48 - Guns, Rifles, Pistols, Ricochets;
CD49 - Human effects, Breathing, Screaming, Horror effects;
CD50 - Buzzers, Cameras, Small appliances.