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Little Epic Percussion KONTAKT-AudioP2P

Little Epic Percussion KONTAKT-AudioP2P
Little Epic Percussion KONTAKT
AudioP2P | 04-16-2010 | 553 MB

Welcome to Little Epic Percussion. This great collection of small orchestral and ethnic hand percussion instruments was designed to compliment our existing collection of "epic" hall scoring drums and percussion, yet it also stands alone as a unique toolbox of punchy, powerful and often needed instruments, like the tambourine and Turkish finger cymbals. We not only went out of our way to capture these instruments as deeply as we could muster, but tried as much as possible to discover new ways of thinking about and playing them. You may notice some unorthodox articulations included with some of the instruments, as well as a few strange combinations and mutations that take the sound in whole new creative directions.

Little Epic Percussion includes instruments such as tambourine, finger cymbals, concert triangle, ship s bell, wooden frogs, monkey drum, native american rabbit drum, and a slew of mixed ensemble percussion featuring claves, kalimba, rattles, shakers, vibraslap, bells, etc. All of these were recorded in our signature epic hall to bring out the full tone of all the instruments. Our Tone / FX controls give you access to a number of effects to shape the sounds further. The 3-band EQ gives you ?18db of Low, Mid and High with a fully adjustable Mid Freq. sweep from 20Hz to 20kHz. Other effects include Lo-Fi with adjustable bit-depth and sampling frequency, Flanger, Rotator, Pro-53 Filter, Delay with tempo-synch, Convolution Reverb and a Stereo Modeller. The Uberpeggiator is another powerful feature included in most Percussion and FX patches. It?s an advanced arpeggiator allowing control over tempo-synched rhythm timing, number of hits, swing, repeat, pitch, scale and a full 16-step velocity table.