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Build Your Own Guitar TUTORiAL

Build Your Own Guitar TUTORiAL
Build Your Own Guitar TUTORiAL
P2P | Oct 17 2015 | 9.71 GB

A step by step guide to making a set neck electric guitar with virtually unlimited scope for customization. Welcome to Build Your Own Guitar Inside is a complete step by step video for building your very own first (or best yet) guitar. I will guide you through the entire process starting with making your own set of patterns - these are among the many secret tricks of the trade that enable you to make high quality instruments - faster and easier. I will show you how to use your patterns to make one or a hundred guitars!

This course also includes my ebook on Tools and quick-start pages:
- Tools for your first guitar
- Wood and Parts for your first guitar
- Patterns

How hard can it be?
There are about 50-60 jobs to make a guitar - each one should take 10-20 minutes on average - it takes a certain level of commitment... and yes, it can be hard work. If you want to be a guitar maker (or just make one for yourself) then I truly believe this is the best possible start you could get - short of actually working in a guitar workshop.

What s in it for me?
Over eight hours of video - this course is the final product of many years of building guitars, running courses and writing to create a real and accurate instruction manual.

16 years of experience teaching over 400 student to build has taught me a lot:
- how to break the process down into easy chunks
- the right tools for the right job
- the best order to do them in for best results
- the most efficient way of doing each job - saving time and wasted effort

It is my aim to pass as much of this to you as I can - and save you a lot of time and heartbreak... this course is the next best thing to being here at my workshop.