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Massive Patches Club Floor Filla NMSV

Massive Patches Club Floor Filla NMSV
Massive Patches: Club Floor Filla
P2P | Nov 5, 2011 | 3.45 MB

Hot off the heels of the best selling Dirty Dubstep Massive Presets, Sigmund Droid and the entire Bunker 8 Crew have reached deep into their best patch collections to come up with Massive Patches: Club Floor Filla . Not just a few patches mind you, but a whoppingly insane monstrous collection of 300 patches. This is the collection that users have been demanding from Bunker 8 over and over again. These sounds have literally been pried from Sigmund s cold dead hands.

Made to order for Pop, Dance, Electro, House and Progressive, Massive Patches: Club Floor Filla serves up 300 presets of tricked out basses, super sharp synth leads, leading edge transitionals, epic leads, everything you will need to write the next electro, house, pop dance, progressive mega smash hit.

Each one of the presets has been carefully optimized. Each addition, up to 8 different macro controls have been added to each patch to insure that the patches themselves are instantly tweekable, right from Massive s front panel, your DAW or an external controller.

These patches are compatible with Massive v1.1.5 and higher.