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4 things every GREAT drummer practices! TUTORiAL

4 things every GREAT drummer practices! TUTORiAL
4 things every GREAT drummer practices! TUTORiAL
P2P | Oct 14 2015 | 453 MB

In this course - You will learn the 4 main things that EVERY drummer practices to create a more fluent approach to getting your drumming under control. In lecture 1 - You will download and view the 1 single page PDF that is approximately 20 years and 10s of 1000 s of lessons and 100 s of drumming books consolidated into 1 simple PDF. In lecture 2 - Task number 1 is all about the ABC s ( always be cleaning ) These 4 simple but fundamental exercises that will get your playing foundation in order, however these 4 exercises are not just in place to get good at these 4 exercises, But rather, to upgrade or to be injected into your current playing style to improve you playing ability. In lecture 3 - Task number 2 you will learn how to divide up the beat effectively to allow a smoother transition across different time signatures. In lecture 4 - You will be encouraged to research or study your fav drummer or at least find one to emulate as a player.

In lecture 5 - we talk about learning different songs. and more importantly why. In lectures 6 and 7 Ive included 2 bonus rounds - Part one is a foundation to part 2. This bonus round will show you a simple but effective way to get some fancy fills happening around the kit.

What are the requirements?
- Having a Drumkit might be good for playing, but it might hinder your practicing experience as noise fatigue is a concern. its about the technique and patterns and not the volume or sound of the kit.

What am I going to get from this course?
- Over 8 lectures and 37 mins of content!
- Get better efficiently and have a smoother playing ability.

What is the target audience?
- Any drummer that wants to play fluently around the kit at to take their base level of ability to the next level

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