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SYNTHiC4TE | Oct 12 2015 | 672 MB

TimeDrops is a granular time manipulation tool for Kontakt 5, which enables the user to import his own samples and features an extensive of sound sources and presets. TimeDrops implements an advanced time granular engine which allows to freeze the time of any sample, creating pads and soundscapes out of any kind of material. It also features a custom scripted ADSR, time synced LFO and an advanced mapping system for creating complex organic textures and many different playing modes to reinterpret the material of the sample in lots of different ways The idea of this instrument is to take something beautiful and transform into something else with the proper tools, keeping the maximum sound quality possible. For this reason, despite its apparent simplicity, it implements many under the hood adjustments like per-grain custom windows, anti-phasing techniques and synchronized time/rate/densities between the grains. Granular synthesis is actually awesome when you can?t actually between the single grains? and the whole result appears like a new designed sound! For this reason, the library features a very simple way to import your own samples, so that you can create your personal library of TimeDropped sounds!

- advanced time freezing engine with sample importing
- 988 mb sample library
- 94 ready to use soundsources
- 91 NKI presets
- Custom ADSR, LFO and CC controls
- Easy sample importing
- Custom FX engine
- Multiple grain windows
- Custom remappable CCs