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Power Guitars KONTAKT REPACK-KRock

Power Guitars KONTAKT REPACK-KRock
Power Guitars KONTAKT
Team KRock | June 24 2012 | 2.99 GB

Power chord library for NI Kontakt 3 or superior. Real humbucker guitar power chords with no pitch-shifting, all the chords are played. This library is perfect for rock music and all its variations, you can hear it on the video demos. Very easy to play, very fun to play and most important: IT SOUNDS AMAZING AND JUST REAL. Humbucker guitar recorded 21 different chords (from E1 to C3), 8 repetitions (round robins) directly into our hard drive without passing through any amp. It was recorded for you to use an amp simulatior software, create your own sound.


4 Gb,

Three options:

1. Power Guitars (Full): 8 patches (including the direct one), 8 distortion sounds, 8 repetitions (round robin). 4.3Gb installed ? 2.7 Gb download.
2. Power Guitars (Direct): 1 patch, 8 repetitions (round robin), recorded directly with no amp (create your sound). 500 Mb installed ? 160 Mb download.
3. Power Guitars FREE: 1 wet distorted sound, 4 repetitions (round robin). 400 Mb installed ? 200 Mb download.