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Compose a Melody for Grade 7 ABRSM TUTORiAL

Compose a Melody for Grade 7 ABRSM TUTORiAL
Compose a Melody for Grade 7 ABRSM TUTORiAL
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How to write a composition for the ABRSM grade 7 music theory exam : composing with and without a given accompaniment. You re studying for the ABRSM Grade 7 Music Theory exam. You know that there will be a composition to write, but what is expected of you exactly? How do they judge something which seems to be so subjective? What are you supposed to do with the piano accompaniment, or series of chords printed on the page? And how do you know if your composition is any good?

You will learn:
what the examiners are specifically looking for in your composition
how to adapt a given opening to create new material
how to fit a melody to a given piano accompaniment
how to write in the correct style for the period
how to write convincingly for the instrument in question
how to create a melody based on a series of chords
tips for creating a really great melody, even if you re not good at hearing in your head
advice on getting better at hearing in your head
about "musical grammar" and what you should avoid doing
both question options are covered in detail - 3a and 3b in the exam paper.

How you will learn:
Lessons are given in several formats.
Demonstrations are shown as edited live recordings, e.g. you can watch me create a composition based on a past exam paper question in real-ish time
Instructions are given in animated video format with musical and audio examples. Images are used to highlight the part of the score you need to focus on. E.g. when learning about melodic structure, the animated video will allow you to see the score and hear any relevant music, as I m explaining.
PDFs are provided which contain full lesson notes. It s recommended that you print these off before you start, so you can write your own notes down on them as you follow the course.
Text lessons are given as recaps or for quick explanations.

What are the requirements?
It s expected that students will have followed courses as far as Grade 6 (ABRSM) music theory.

What am I going to get from this course?
Over 30 lectures and 2 hours of content!
Get full marks in the ABRSM Grade 7 Music Theory composition question
Understand the key ingredients which combine to create a great composition
Know what the examiners are looking for when they assess your composition

What is the target audience?
This course is intended for candidates preparing for the ABRSM Grade 7 Music Theory exam