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The Advanced H1 KONTAKT

The Advanced H1 KONTAKT
The Advanced H1 KONTAKT
NanoBeat | 21/04/2015 | 39 MB

The ADVANCE H-1 ...There s some serious old scool circuitry in there powered by ECC88 valves/tubes and we ve modelled the GUI on the original but have taken some liberties... We ve added a simple vibrato LFO and a simple envelope. There are also poly and mono modes with a glide control for the mono mode. You can switch between the raw valve sine and square waves but you can also enable the tape mode and then switch between old cassette and completely knackered reel-to-reel (and the machine is so wrecked, that should be real-to-unreal ... totally wrecked ... but sounds fabulous - all the qualities of valves with genuine tape saturation and excessive wow, flutter and random wobble ... which can be made more chaotic with the vibrato LFO).

* 44.1 kHz/24-bit samples
* Advanced Retro Synthesis Engine
* Valve signal generator from the 50s
* Six octaves range
* Unique tuning scope
* Raw, cassette and broken reel-to-reel samples
* Simple envelope shaper
* Mono/poly modes with glide
* Stereo/mono echo section
* Convolution reverb with custom impulses