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Dynamic Spectrum Mapper v1.3.3 MAC OSX

Dynamic Spectrum Mapper v1.3.3 MAC OSX
Dynamic Spectrum Mapper v1.3.3 MAC OSX
TEAM XVX | 07/07/2010 | 21 MB

At the heart of the DSM lies an easy-to-use single-button "Capture" system. This unique feature uses groundbreaking adaptive techniques to capture both the frequency-domain and dynamic characteristics of audio program, and uses this as the basis for a highly developed large scale multi-band compression process. The DSM also includes a single-button Limiter function which has been optimised specifically to work with the compression stage.

Exemplary results in lightning-fast time can be acheived for common tasks such as:

* Loudness enhancement
* Compression
* Vocal enhancement and character processing
* De-essing
* The DSM provides multi-dimensional control over both the spectral response and dynamic characteristics of audio material, bringing a whole new dimension of facility and artistic ability to the sound engineer.

The ability to rapidly capture, modify and re-apply sound character to its own source, or to any other program, provides for novel functionality, such as:

* Sound character mapping between whole mixes, tracks, vocal parts and instruments
* Continuity matching
* Character control for broadcast play out
* Microphone proximity correction in video or film production
* Fixing problems in difficult outside broadcast situations


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