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Yamaha CYBER DIVA for Vocaloid4FE

Yamaha CYBER DIVA for Vocaloid4FE
Yamaha CYBER DIVA for Vocaloid4FE
AlexVox | 19 February 2015 | 806 MB

The first VOCALOID exclusive library with an American English female voice. Flexible voice type with clear speech, powerful long tones, and smooth vocalization that can sing any genre of song.
CYBER DIVA was revealed on the 22nd of January 2015 as an American accent female produced by YAMAHA. She was produced in light of research into common complaints towards past pre-V4 English VOCALOIDs. This included the frustrations that came with the mixed British and American phonetic system the VOCALOID engine used for its English VOCALOIDs. It was also discovered that English VOCALOIDs often did not produce the correct sound to match the phonetic in use and this was caused by accidental construction of the vocal either during the recording process or the vocal development process.

Several candidates were tested as possible vocals for the new library. During this process it was noted there were many missing sounds or unusual sounds found they did not expect to be present. There were very clear and expressive sounds present in the constructed libraries. The "Aspiration Problem" that had plagued past English VOCALOIDs was also addressed and fixed. As the problem was fixed, the issue of sounds not matching input symbols were also tweaked. They did not address the issue of expressive tones until they had recorded the right sounds for the right phonetic symbol.

Note: This is english language library