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London Symphonic Strings First Violins KONTAKT-SYNTHiC4TE

London Symphonic Strings First Violins KONTAKT-SYNTHiC4TE
London Symphonic Strings First Violins KONTAKT
SYNTHiC4TE | Feb 16 2015 | 3.18 GB

The first part of the "London Symphonic Strings"; the "first violins", boasting a huge range of articulations and techniques, as well as new scripting tech and possibilities. This is a must own, as either your perfect go-to string library for any composing needs, or as a considerable addition to your existing string palette. Recorded 24 bit at 48000Khz with four mic positions (Close, Main, Rigs and Room) in a wonderful sounding hall, LSS First Violins boasts the first user controllable slow gliss/slide patch, allowing you to perform long glissandos between any two notes, without the aid of synthesized pitch bends or artificial means, of course the essential patches, different types of legato and legato patches, less common articulations, and a collection of string sound percussive sounds, experimental sounds and builds. The range of articulations is listed below, with many true legato patches, bowed/fingered legato, more varied types of detached notes, muted patches etc. Boasting a huge range of articulations and techniques, new scripting tech and possibilities available from a sample library, with a fantastic four mic positions, Close, Main (conductor position), Rigs, and Room.

London Symphonic Strings comes with a huge variety of different playable articulations. These include your essential normal sustain patches, with two types of switchable legato intervals, bowed and fingered. The full set of techniques and articulations is listed below.
?Sustain Legato
?Sordino Legato
?Molto Sul Ponticello Legato
?Sordino Spiccato
?True Glissando
?String FX
?Col Legno
?Violin Concerto
Tech specs:
Samples are 24 bit at 48000HZ wav files
4.8 GB of Content

This sample library can be played in Kontakt 4 and above

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