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linuxDSP GRAPH-EQ v1.0.0 VST WiN-ST3RE0

linuxDSP GRAPH-EQ v1.0.0 VST WiN-ST3RE0
linuxDSP GRAPH-EQ v1.0.0 VST WiN
Team ST3RE0 | 26.08.2011 | 1.77 MB

The OverTone Graph-EQ is a Windows port of the MKII Graph-EQ 10 band Graphical Equaliser, originally developed by linuxDSP for the linux platform. It features the same innovative DSP technology, providing ten fully adjustable filter bands, including a de-cramped peak filter which gives a more analogue response without requiring CPU intensive upsampling.


* Realtime EQ Graph

See the frequency response as you adjust it. The UI includes displays of individual bands in addition to the combined response for easy adjustment.

* Variable Filter Types

LowPass, BandPass (Two Types), HighPass, HF Shelf, LF Shelf, Variable Bandwidth / Q

* De-cramped Bandpass Filter

Innovative DSP algorithm provides a more natural response than conventional digital filters.

* Smoothly Interpolated Filters

No zipper noise