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Alt and Modern Rock II ACiD WAV REPACK-DELiRiUM

Alt and Modern Rock II ACiD WAV REPACK-DELiRiUM
Alt and Modern Rock II ACiD WAV REPACK-DELiRiUM
TEAM DELiRiUM | REPACK | 08-11-2005 | 420 MB
Alt and Modern Rock II again offers great drum grooves and diverse sounds, a versatile collection of drum loops for modern songwriting styles. This loop collection showcases grooves for a variety of alt and modern rock styles. Containing main grooves, alternate grooves, and drum fills, Alt and Modern Rock II will propel your drum tracks to new levels of creativity and inspiration as you write new indie, modern, and pop-rock music. Over 900 loops to get your music going!

60 BPM Laid Back Grooves (111 loops)
70 BPM Grooves - Tiny Snare (89 loops)
90-100 BPM Lively (69 loops)
90 BPM Rock Grooves (76 loops)
90 BPM Rock Grooves_02 (61 loops)
100 BPM Rock Grooves (50 loops)
115 BPM Basic Rock Grooves (67 loops)
120 BPM Grooves - Nice Snare! (87 loops)
120 BPM Modern Rock (75 loops)
133 BPM Straight Pop Rock (37 loops)
140 BPM Alt Power Pop (49 loops)
142 Rock Slither Grooves (26 loops)
Samples (107 drum and cymbal samples)

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