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Alt and Modern Rock III 24bit ACIDIZED WAV REPACK-DELiRiUM

Alt and Modern Rock III 24bit ACIDIZED WAV REPACK-DELiRiUM
Alt and Modern Rock III 24bit ACiD WAV
TEAM DELiRiUM | REPACK | 08-11-2005 | 490 MB

With nearly 700 MB of tasty 24-bit grooves for today s rock styles, Alt & Modern Rock III features a versatile combination of contemporary drum grooves and feels. Undeniable indie rock attitude is the focus here. With eleven groove folders, songwriters will find main grooves, multiple beat variations and fills that will deliver the drum tracks your alt, indie rock tracks demand. The attitude and sound of modern indie rock is ready awaits you on Alt and Modern Rock III. Featuring over 530 24-bit loops and 128 multi-velocity drum and cymbal samples organized in song-building folders with loops for all song elements: verses, choruses, fills, bridges, breaks, intros, and endings. Quickly build a drum track that captures the feel and power of a live drummer. Versatile and high-quality 24-bit drum grooves ready for your next indie rock project.

60 BPM Rock Ballad (38 loops)
75 BPM Modern Grooves (99 loops)
80 BPM American Rock (34 loops)
80 BPM Green Day Shuffle (42 loops)
80 BPM Guitar Rock (98 loops)
95 BPM Middle Rock (37 loops)
103 BPM American Rock II (30 loops)
115 BPM Naked Funk Alt Rock (45 loops)
150 BPM Power Rock (37 loops)
160 BPM Triplet Alt Rock(22 loops)
165 BPM Flat-Out Rock (59 loops)
Samples (128 multi-velocity samples)
One Shots (30 total flourishes, ritards, etc.)

NOTE: Mrs Piggy had to much Alcohol 120% when makin images of these Beta Monkey rlz. Thats why they where corrupt. The drunken images are now workin.