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Alt and Modern Rock IV 24bit ACIDIZED WAV REPACK-DELiRiUM

Alt and Modern Rock IV 24bit ACIDIZED WAV REPACK-DELiRiUM
Alt and Modern Rock IV 24bit ACiD WAV
TEAM DELiRiUM | 08-11-2005 | 487 MB

Picking up where Alt and Modern Rock III left off, Alt and Modern Rock IV features decidedly eclectic drum grooves and feels - it s not your average rock loop disc. With nearly 600 24-bit loops and 96 multi-velocity drum and cymbal samples organized in song-building folders with loops for all song elements: verses, choruses, fills, bridges, breaks, intros, and endings, this collection focuses heavily on the mid-tempo grooves found between 60 and 120 BPM and is a more "out there" rock collection than other Beta Monkey releases. We tried to offer up some fresh new feels with the tight, punchy sounds that are key to today s modern rock tracks.

60 BPM 12/8 Rock (42 loops)
63 BPM Alt 12/8 (43 loops)
75 BPM Alt-Rock 6/8 (113 loops)
80 BPM Alt 12/8 (31 loops)
100 BPM Rocking 12/8 (34 loops)
100 BPM Power Pop Rock (38 loops)
120 BPM Commercial Mod Rock (68 loops)
120 BPM ModRock Super Pack (220 loops)
Samples (91 multi-velocity samples)
One Shots ( flourishes, ritards, etc.)

REPACK NOTES: Mrs Piggy had to much Alcohol 120% when makin images of these Beta Monkey rlz. Thats why they where corrupt. The drunken images are now workin.

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