Airfoil v5.0.2 WiN-P2P

Airfoil v5.0.2 WiN-P2P
Airfoil v5.0.2 WiN
P2P | 12 MARCH 2016 | 42 MB

Stream any audio from your computer all around your network. Send music wirelessly to devices like the Apple TV and AirPort Express, as well as third-party AirPlay hardware and Bluetooth speakers. You can even send to iOS devices and other computers. Audio on your computer, from music services like Spotify to web-based audio like Pandora, can now be heard throughout your house!


Airfoil for Windows 5.0.2
Released on 3/3/16

Critical Bug Fix: Issues where audio input devices could fail to appear, fail to appear properly, or could play poor quality audio have all been fixed.
Bug Fix: Airfoil should no longer lose audio between songs with certain applications.
Bug Fix: Airfoil will now work properly with the Windows 10 Groove app, in addition to not incorrectly identifying it as Zune Audio Player.
Bug Fix: Airfoil now alerts you when an incorrect speaker password is entered.
Bug Fix: A crash which could occur if ?Mute All? was used has been fixed.
Bug Fix: Airfoil now correctly remembers its window position between launches.
Bug Fix: The System Audio source now provides help on European systems where necessary components are not installed by default.
Bug Fix: Airfoil Satellite s Remote Speakers area now properly shows active outputs at all times.
Other: Several other minor issues have been fixed.

Basic Airfoil Features
Send Any Audio
You re no longer stuck streaming only iTunes to your AirPlay devices.

Multiple Outputs At Once
You can send audio to multiple outputs around your house, all in sync.

Many Supported Devices
With Airfoil Speakers, you can send to many different devices, not just Apple s approved hardware.