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T and BK Edition Replacement MULTIFORMAT

T and BK Edition Replacement MULTIFORMAT
T and BK Edition Replacement MULTIFORMAT
P2P | 25.09.2014 | 948 MB
WAV REX2 Apple Loops Sylenth1

The library consists of: 50 Music Loops ? From Deephouse to Techhouse, cool vocals, hot keys and warm chords. 21 Bassline Loops ? Full analog sounding basslines to lay down a sturdy foundation for any track. 31 Beats ? From minimal bass loops to full on complete loops, everything is there to help your track tear up the floor. 49 Add-on Loops ? Classic Techhouse add-ons meet ultra cool Deephouse loops. One-shot sounds: 50 Claps, 50 Hihats, 50 Kicks, 50 Percussion and 50 Snares. They also couldn?t resist adding 20 prefab construction kits. Also, as an extra, you get 12 of their favourite Sylenth 1 sounds added to the pack. Wit h t his lit t le bonus it means t hat you have enough sounds to produce your own modern Deep, or Techhouse track.

Tech Specs: 151x 24-bit WAV Loops, 117 24-Bit WAV Loops as Construction Kits, 258x 24-bit WAV one shots, 151 Apple Loops, 117 Apple Loops as Construction Kits, 151 REX2 , 117 REX2 as Construction Kits. Total: 526x 24-bit WAV Loops and one-shots, 168 Apple Loops, 268 REX2 files, 12 Sylenth1 patches (2.20 or higher)