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Synful Orchestra VSTi DXi v2.31WiN-AiR

Synful Orchestra VSTi DXi v2.31WiN-AiR
Synful Orchestra VSTi DXi v2.31 WiN
Team AiR | 09/2006 | 45 MB
VST/DXI Virtual Synthesizer Plugin

Synful Orchestra is new. It is not a sampler, it is not a sample library. It s a real change in the way music synthesis is done.

Realistic instrument simulations depend on the transitions between notes, as
much as on the individual timbres. Slurs with varying amounts of portamento, lightly tongued or bowed note transitions, fast runs, detached hard attacks ? these note transitions are the connective tissue of musical expression. Whether you play live from keyboard or edit directly in a sequencer Synful Orchestra responds automatically with realistic sounding note transitions. There are no special buttons or phrasing tools. If you play staccato Synful Orchestra creates staccato attacks. If you play legato Synful Orchestra creates realistic legato transitions. Synful Orchestra models the way notes are sustained, the graceful onset of vibrato, breath sounds, the sound of the bow on the string, the change of tone color as a note becomes louder or softer. Using the innovate Synful Pitch Wheel mode, you can easily create natural string portamento. Synful Orchestra lets you make music like a musician not like a programmer.

Synful Reconstructive Phrase Modeling Technology
Synful Orchestra is not a sampler or a sample library. Synful Orchestra is not a physical modeling synthesizer. It is an entirely new concept in music synthesis. At the heart of Synful Orchestra is Synful?s Reconstructive Phrase Modeling (RPM) technology. This is the result of many years of research, several patents, and a lifetime of experimentation, design, and frustration with older synthesis technologies.

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