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Beat Machine v1.3.1 iOS

Beat Machine v1.3.1 iOS
Beat Machine v1.3.1 iOS
P2P | 22-09-2014 | 14,6 MB

Beat-Machine is a powerful vintage beat box emulation for iOS. It combines a simple X0X sequencer and a flexible sample player with high quality FX and comprehensive support for iOS audio and MIDItechnologies. Beat-Machine perfectly captures the simplicity and power of the early digital samplers that pushed the limits of beat makers creativity during the early days of hip hop, giving you an easy way to incorporate old school beats into your iOS productions.

▸ Simple X0X sequencer: Drag your finger across the grid to draw your beats! Each step also has adjustable pitch and velocity parameters that can be manually edited or played using the 16 Levels feature.
▸ Multiple time signatures supported: 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/8, and 7/8 time are available so you can create traditional pop or just get weird
▸ Tap tempo
▸ Up to 99 measures per pattern with a measure seek control
▸ Measure copy
▸ Song mode: String your saved patterns together on a timeline to create songs. You can also mix patterns of different time signatures into a song.
▸ Inter App Audio tempo sync / timeline integration: Sync Beat-Machines sequencer with the sequencer of IAA host apps
▸ "Feel" algorithm emulates the subtle timing variances in the clocks of vintage beat boxes
▸ Feel algorithm also works on MIDI output
▸ Classic Swing algorithm
▸ Extra fancy sample player: Each pad has non-destructive trim, reverse, ADSR, resonant filter, sample rate decimator, bit crusher, and interpolation
▸ Load .wav samples of any sample rate and bit depths up to 24 bit
▸ Turn off sound interpolation to emulate vintage samplers that couldn t interpolate samples at variable playback speeds (extra old school)
▸ Dial in vintage crunch with sample rate decimation / bit crushing
▸ Analog style ADSR works like a transient designer / compressor, allowing you to add a percussive transient to any sample (punchy!)
▸ Variable sample playback speed
▸ Audiobus 2 with state saving
▸ Audioshare (the best)
▸ Mute Matrix for programming pads to mute other pads
▸ Global sample rate can be set to 44.1kHz, 32kHz, 24kHz, or 22.05kHz for even more crunchy lofi sounds!