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Vienna Symphonic Library Percussion DVDR Vols.1-2 GiGA-DELiRiUM

Vienna Symphonic Library Percussion DVDR Vols.1-2 GiGA-DELiRiUM
VSL Percussion DVDR Vol.1-2 GiGA
DELiRiUM | 06-16-03 | Vol.1: 1.4 | Vol.2: 2.3 GB

This Vienna Instruments Collection is a truly magnificent profusion of percussion! Apart from all standard percussion instruments and Performances it contains production-ready instruments, processed with sought-after high-end studio equipment, put into the right perspective with multi-sampled convolution reverb from the Vienna Symphonic Library?s MIR development. The basic percussion instruments (timpani, snare and bass drum, tambourine, suspended cymbals, a-due cymbals, glockenspiel, triangle, xylophone, tubular bells, tam-tam and concert toms) thus are not only available as samples with minimal reverb of the Silent Stage, but also with the reverb of the world-famous Wiener Konzerthaus in various stage positions. Naturally, these MIR impulses implemented in the samples just scratch the surface of the potential and flexibility of the future MIR engine; nevertheless, they offer a preview of its acoustic possibilities and allow the user to work quickly.