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Hi-Tech House Kicks Vol.1 WAV-MAGNETRiXX

Hi-Tech House Kicks Vol.1 WAV-MAGNETRiXX
Hi-Tech House Kicks Vol.1 WAV
TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 28 August 2014 | 15 MB

Hi-Tech Kicks Volume 1 - A collection of kicks purpose built for deep house, tech-house, progressive, techno or any other forward-thinking, intelligent electronic music. These kicks each feature varying processing styles to achieve effective results including - tape-style saturation for pleasing harmonics and warm bottom end, analogue compression and EQ for punchy dynamics and smoothing digital harshness, vari-mu compression for increase perceived loudness. The result is a wide range of kicks covering every perceivable requirement such as - creamy kicks with smooth bottom end, digital style sharp attack kicks with a touch of zappy resonance, kicks with a range of distortion fx such as overdrive/clipping/tape/harmonic, punchy low-mid kicks and boomy kicks with a long subby decay. Each kick has been carefully EQ d for maximum effect to avoid thin, hollow kicks that suck impact out of your tracks.

Pack contains -

100 Kick Drums (clean, distored, punchy, boomy, sharp and more..)
10 Huge spacey FX sampler from "Futuristic Deep Space FX"
10 Loops and bass samples from "The Sounds of Tech-House Volume 2 - Kriece"

*Other Genres that this package may be useful in:

? House
? Progressive House