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Refugees Producer Collection WAV

Refugees Producer Collection WAV
Refugees Producer Collection WAV
P2P | 28.08.2014 | WAV | 1.10 GB

The unique bundle unlike other samples libraries contains irresistible sound signatures and loops of 10 tracks from their successful album Kartick & Gotam ? Business Class Refugees (EarthSync), offering a special experience to DJs, Composers, Musicians and Music Producers to explore and create new perspectives of the tracks. These Royalty Free recordings in the Bundle are of the best musicians from India, Far East, East Europe, and Middle East, who have performed with the two cutting edge electronic artists for the album and numerous live shows. Optimised with the closest attention to detail, the Business Class Refugees Producer Collection.

Technical Specifications:

? 24-Bit quality

600 Sound Signatures & Loops Comprising:

? Drums
? Bass
? Duduk
? Flute
? Keys
? FX
? Strings
? Vocals
? Pads
? Sarod
? Sitar
? Tabla
? Accordion
? Fender
? Violin
? Santoor
? Trumpet
? Mandolin
? Sarangi and more!