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BigCat Piano Collection Vol.2 KONTAKT

BigCat Piano Collection Vol.2 KONTAKT
BigCat Piano Collection Vol.2 KONTAKT
FREE | 25.08.2014 | 2.7 MB

Its time to update the Piano Collection. The biggest addition is the Summer Piano recorded from a Yamaha Disklavier Pro with over 800 samples including true sustain samples. Also new to the collection are three lightly sampled acoustic pianos including an Upright and a Fazioli and several Electric Pianos.

Along with the Maestro Grand and the Piano in 162, these are the most fully sampled and best sounding free pianos available for Kontakt.

Summer Piano KONTAKT
The Summer Piano has actual sustain samples, so using the sustain pedal should (hopefully) sound very close to what it sounds like on a real piano. It is sampled every third note with roughly 12 to 16 velocity layers for both sustain and non-sustain. The sharp ringing Yamaha sound makes it good for cutting through a pop soundtrack.

The Salamander Piano - Yamaha C5 KONTAKT
One of the most famous free pianos, this Yamaha is sampled in minor thirds from the lowest A with 16 velocity layers. At just a shade under a Gig in size there are a lot of stereo samples and it shows with a good tone and one of the smoothest velocity curves in a free piano. I ve done some correcting on the Salamander. The velocity faded too sharply before and there was a problem with the release samples. These issues have been fixed and the Piano Pedal Script added.

The Iowa Piano - Steinway KONTAKT
A solid Steinway in under 200 megs. The Iowa has almost every note sampled in three velocity layers. The only real negative is that the tuning is slightly off and can jump a bit between velocity layers. My EDM friends over at Reddit really fell in love with this piano, so I suspect it works well for that genre.

Skerratt London Upright Piano KONTAKT
This piano is lightly sampled with only one velocity layer but with that distinctive upright sitting around the house sound. It sounds slightly unlike any other digital piano. It also has very long samples that work nicely to emulate sustain using the NI Piano Pedals Script.

The Musyng Kite Acoustic Grand - Fazioli KONTAKT
Created by Sarcyan for his Musyng Kite soundfont, this is another rarely found piano. This time it is an Italian Fazioli. The company only produces about 125 pianos a year. Sampled every third note (except for the very ends) and in five velocity layers, the piano has a small footprint but a rich sound.
The velocity response is now more corrector and it uses the NI Piano Pedal Script for sustain.

Sonatina Grand Piano KONTAKT
This piano has an interesting resonance. I have no idea who manufactured it or where the samples came from. It is sampled every third note and has two velocity layers. It s main fault is that the notes are just too short.

The Whisper KONTAKT
This Intimate Piano is derived from the softest layers of the City Piano and is Public Domain. A bad note has been fixed and the Piano Pedal Script added.

Shoot the Piano KONTAKT
A Honky-Tonk Piano also derived from the City Piano and Public Domain. It basically uses samples mistuned by 5 cents both up and down to simulate the tinny sound of the classic barroom piano.

A Prepared Piano KONTAKT
This piano has true sustain samples which the addition of the Piano Pedals script should enhance.