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Valley Of The Pianos KONTAKT

Valley Of The Pianos KONTAKT
Valley Of The Pianos KONTAKT
DISCOVER | 25 AUGUST 2014 | 58 MB

Valley of the Pianos is a small sound library that offers you a set of 4 pianos. All the 4 instruments have a particular ?room? sound, extremely good for cinematic scores, soundtracks and live concerts. Have you ever dreamt to own a grand piano, but you can?t get it? This library perfectly recreates a real grand piano, with noises, harmonics, damper effects, releases, all in real-time and with an highly delicate coordination of scripts.


? Concert Grand: A great piano sampled from a Steinway model A, is perfect to play classical music. 3 dynamic smooth-connected layers give you a strong sound color that leave you breathness.
? Upright Piano: A studio piano, with a sweet but modern sound. Highly recommended for latin music!
? Vintage Electric: Sampled from a glorious YAMAHA CP80, this piano let you to dominate the stage with a great ?back-to-the-80 s? style!
? Saloon Upright: Do you like ragtime? Try it with this piano!

The library contains 6 .NKI intrument files:

1. Concert Grand
2. Concert Grand Bright
3. Upright Piano
4. Upright Piano Bright
5. Vintage Electric
6. Saloon Upright
7. Here you ll find the user manual
8. Works on Kontakt 5.2 or newer (15 mins limit on Kontakt Player).