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German Log Drum KONTAKT

German Log Drum KONTAKT
German Log Drum KONTAKT
DISCOVER | 22 AUGUST 2014 | 180MB

The German Log Drum is a 356MB virtual instrument. Each note of our 8 note pentatonic Logdrum has been meticulously sampled at 6 velocity levels, then turned into a chromatic instrument within Kontakt. The instrument used was a Schlagwerk 8 note Oak Log Drum in Bb major pentatonic (F2 G2 Bb2 C3 D3 F3 G3 Bb3) We recorded it with center, stereo and room microphones, and played it with timpani felt beaters (soft and hard) as well as with the hand. Buzz rolls are also included (2 octaves above the clean hit) and various percussive hits are found an octave below. Buzz rolls are where the beater is allowed to come to a natural rest on the note. We included this feature for round robin possibilities and creative options!


? 1188 samples at 24bit 44.1 KHz.
? Original user interface and advanced custom scripting engine.
? GLD Full.nki (All articulations and dynamic keyswitching).
? GLD Felt.nki (?lighter? version with just the Felt articulation loaded).
? GLD Soft.nki (?lighter? version with just the Soft articulation loaded).
? GLD Hand.nki (?lighter? version with just the Hand articulation loaded).
? Full version of Kontakt only (V4.2.3).