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Indie Rock Drops Songwriters Series Vol.1 WAV REX

Indie Rock Drops Songwriters Series Vol.1 WAV REX
Indie Rock Drops Vol.1 WAV REX
P2P | 14 September 2011 | 282 MB
Songwriters Series

Indie Rock Drops is yet another fantastic collection of supremely recorded live drum loops - recorded on vintage gear using valve mics and only the very best drummers.If you are looking for new drum loops in an Indie, Pop or Rock style then look no further than this collection to inspire your next chart smash! This fresh collection of real drums includes 17 different Rhythms recorded at different tempos between 64 - 172 Bpm, which all come with multiple variations of the same groove which you can use effortlessly to lay across a track for intros, verse, chorus and middle sections - giving your tracks that perfect live feel, rock solid timing and ambience. You also get the kit samples if you want to program additional fills, edit and so forth - so this pack makes it a dream to work with and is excellent value for money - plus 100% royalty free. If you make Indie Rock or Pop music and are looking for a fresh collection of perfectly recorded and played inspirational drum samples - you came to the right place.