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Aether VST RTAS v1.5.1 x86 WiN

Aether VST RTAS v1.5.1 x86 WiN
Aether VST RTAS v1.5.1 x86 WiN
TEAM ASSiGN | 09 OCTOBER 2010 | 16.22 MB

First and foremost, Aether sounds absolutely incredible. We believe it is one of the best sounding reverbs on the market. Period. The rest is just detail. Aether is an award-winning, ultimate quality, self-modulating algorithmic reverb.

New in Aether 1.5

* 2x & 4x Oversampling.
* Double Precision 64bit DSP.
* 64bit Host/OS Support.
* Band-limited Interpolation.
* Variable Quality Modes.
* Extreme Off-line Render Modes.
* Proprietary Spectral Modulation.
* Attack & Sustain Envelope.
* Variable Q Damping Decay Curve.
* Mid-Side modes.
* Cascade Control.
* Complex Stereo Modes.
* 0-Sample Latency.
* Frequency Profiles.
* Immediate Parameter Accessibility.
* Macro Controls.
* Comprehensive Preset Browser.
* Instant algorithm browsing.
* Flexible EQ/Filter Routing.
* Huge Parameter Value Ranges.
* Discrete Early Reflections engine.
* Comprehensive FX Presets.
* Complex & Clustered IRs.
* Late Reflections Coloration.
* ?plus a completely new GUI, which retains the same layout as the previous version, but focuses on improvements to readability, usability, and communication of relevant parameter info such as measurement units.