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AKAi MPC 4000 Hip Hop Drum Kits WAV

AKAi MPC 4000 Hip Hop Drum Kits WAV
Deep Funk for MPC4000
Deep n Hard Kicks for MPC4000
East Coast Phat for MPC4000
Essential Percussion for MPC4000
Hip Hop Hi Hats for MPC4000
Hip Hop Producer Set for MPC4000
Krusty Kicks for MPC4000
Sense of Rhythm Inspired By Timbaland for MPC4000
West Coast Drums for MPC4000


AKAi MPC 4000 Hip Hop Drum Kits WAV
AKAi MPC 4000 Hip Hop Drum Kits WAV
P2P | 04/04/2011 | 132 MB
You want to have the sounds of this amazing Drum Machine , on your computer Then here it is , this huge kit which contains 9 Kits in total of 2,684 Sounds !!

AKAi MPC 4000 Hip Hop Kits:- Sense of Rhythm inspired by Timbaland Kit
Which contains 28 Claps, 96 Hats, 96 Kicks, 48 Percussions, 96 Snares [364 Sounds in Total]

- Deep Funk Kit
Which contains 48 Hats, 65 Kicks, 26 Percussions, 65 Snares [204 Sounds in Total]

- Deep n Hard Kicks
Which contains 64 Deep Kicks and 65 Hard Kicks [129 Sounds in Total]

- East Coast Phat Kit
Which contains 16 Claps, 98 Hats, 98 Kicks, 32 Percussions, 28 Snaps, 98 Snares [370 Sounds in Total]

- Essential Percussions Kit
Which contains 65 Various Percussions, 65 Tambourines, 64 Shakers [194 Sounds in Total]

- Hip Hop Hi-Hats
This kit is seperated in 3 folders and it contains 192 Hi-Hats in Total.

- Hip Hop Producer Set
Which contains 32 Claps, 26 Cymbals, 192 Hats, 32 Hits & FX, 195 Kicks, 49 Percussions, 16 Snaps and 195 Snares [737 Sounds in Total !!]

- Krusty Kicks Kit
Which contains 130 Kicks in Total

- West Coast Drums
Which contains 28 Claps, 96 Hi Hats, 96 Kicks, 28 Percussions, 20 Snaps and 96 Snares [364 Sounds in Total , All on West Coast Style]

This kit is one of the bests that I?ve seen so far , and one of the biggests .. as I said it contains 2,684 Sounds all on .wav format (highest quality of sounds) which definatly will change your beats to masterpieces.