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Wvs MultiRack v.9.7 and Dugan Automixer MAC OSX

Wvs MultiRack v.9.7 and Dugan Automixer MAC OSX
Wvs MultiRack v.9.7 + Dugan Automixer MAC OSX
C0PYL3FT3R | 18.08.2014 | 318 MB
Works with v9r20 Plug-ins

MultiRack is a software host that lets FOH and monitor engineers run multiple, simultaneous instances of the same award-winning Wvs plugins used in recording studios and mixing rooms the world over. The world?s best-sounding reverbs, equalizers, compressors, limiters and delays are at your fingertips, without the limitations of hardware and at a fraction of the cost. MultiRack application is ideal for live sound, broadcast, post-production facilities and more. With easy setup and advanced preset capabilities, MultiRack delivers all the flexibility and portability of software, with sound quality and convenience that beats hardware.

Developed in association with renowned pro audio inventor Dan Dugan, the Waves Dugan Automixer is a groundbreaking software version of the popular Dugan Speech System Automatic Mixing Controllers used the world over.

Incorporating Dugan s proprietary voice-activated process, the Waves Dugan Automixer plugin automatically controls the gains of multiple microphones in real time, dramatically reducing feedback, studio noise and comb filtering from adjacent microphones. It maintains a consistent system gain, even when multiple speakers are talking simultaneously, and makes perfectly matched crossfades, without any signal compression, and without a noise gate that may cause unwanted sonic artifacts.


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