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Mackie Acuma Labs FinalMix v.1.01 VST WiN

Mackie Acuma Labs FinalMix v.1.01 VST WiN
Mackie Acuma Labs FinalMix v.1.01 VST WiN
TEAM TALiO | 08-13-2004 | 2.7 MB

With an extensive palette of sonic tools, including 3-band dynamics processing, 6-band (pre and post) parametric EQs, adjustable cross over points and individual band key filtering, Final Mix lets you zero in on exact frequencies to adjust or emphasize crucial elements of your mix. Final Mix employs three individual dynamics processors (low, mid and high) with noise gating and soft clip limiting to provide ultra smooth compression or expansion. Each dynamics band features individual threshold, attack and release times. A graphical contour edit screen for each band allows you to easily set a desired ratio and to create your own hard knee or soft knee, or even draw in an expander curve. Each dynamics band features its own key filter that allows you to emphasize or de-emphasize a portion of the signal within the band. The Soft Clip feature adds a smooth, analog-style clip response when your signal gets close to overload. Other features such as Noise Gate, Band Linking and more ensure that Final Mix will be an integral part of your mixes from here out.

Main Features

6-band pre-dynamics parametric equalizer
3-band dynamics processor
6-band post-dynamics parametric equalizer
Graphical (user definable) dynamics band contours
Adjustable crossover points for multi-band dynamics
Adjustable crossover slopes for multi-band dynamics
Node based adjustment of EQ bands and dynamics bands
Soft Clip feature ? provides peak overload protection
Noise gate ? with threshold adjustment
DC removal filter ? automatically removes DC offset noise
Dynamics bands linking ? simplifies use in stereo configurations
Fully automated
Global enable button
On/Off for the dynamics section and each EQ
Separate dynamics and EQ reset buttons
Plug-in patch load and save
Memories A and B ? compare settings quickly and easily
Input, output and gain reduction metering


6?band parametric EQ: Gain +/?15.0dB; Freq. 20Hz to 20kHz; Q range 0.1 ? 16; Filter type High/Low shelf or bandpass
Dynamics: Gain Makeup +/?15dB; Attack 0 to 100ms; Release 30ms to 3000ms; Threshold ?48dBfs to 0dBfs
Input/ Output Meters: ?90dBfs to 0dBfs
Soft Clip: Threshold: 0.0dB to ?20.0dB
Noise Gate Threshold: 0dBfs to ?125dBfs
Crossover Frequencies: 20Hz to 20kHz
Crossover slopes: 6dB/octave to 36dB/octave
Frequency Centers: Band 1: 20Hz to 20kHz, Band 2: 20Hz to 20kHz, Band 3: 20Hz to 20kHz
Bandwidth: 0 to 10 octave
DC filter: on off, frequency = 3.3Hz
Soft Clip: ?20 to 0dB
Gate Threshold: ?125dB to 0dB
Auto Gain Make Up: ?15 to +15dB
Key Gain: 15 to +15dB