Maschine Found UPDATE

Maschine Found UPDATE
Maschine Found UPDATE
P2P | 17.08.2014 | 151.49 MB

Found, broken, bruised and pre-loved sounds for Maschine 2 Based on the sample set of the Modular Chaos Engine #1: Found Maschine contains over 700 warm, organic, found samples gathered from my travels with binaural portable recording equipment. They are lovingly sculptured into 196 Maschine instruments for you to use as unlikely sound sources for your music. Sonic highlights include : the ghost of Thomas Carlyle, a very broken double bass, lawns being mown, beards being shaved, celery, snow, a rainy tent in France, ancient gramophone recordings of marmalade heir Alexander Keiller talking about the standing stones of Avebury, huge oil tanks, onions, pigs, fireworks, Stradivaruis saw...I could go on. These aren t just random field recordings, they have all been meticulously crafted into usable drumkits for a wide variety of rhythmic possibilities.


Found Maschine contains:
800 x 24bit tagged .wav samples
16 x Drumkits (Groups) with pre programmed sequences.
196 x Tagged chromatic instruments (sounds).
18 x Massive synth patches.
16 x Drumsynth patches.
15 x projects.
Original Kit


Adds 28 New Instruments
Adds 3 New Kits
Adds 2 New Massive Synths
Adds 3 New Projects and updates old ones

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