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SNVBS All Plug-Ins Bundle MAC OSX

SNVBS All Plug-Ins Bundle MAC OSX
SNVBS All Plug-Ins Bundle MAC OSX
C0PYL3FT3R | 12.08.2014 | 15.89 MB
AU 32/64bit | 17 Plug-ins

SNVBS is a company pursuing research and innovations in audio and music technologies, founded in 2004. Its product line is focused on unique software effects and instruments.

Plug-Ins Included:

Array : spectral sequencer
Circuit : multiband wave transformer
Cluster : animated filter
Diffusion : wave transformer synth
Drift : chaos modulator
Flow : animated flanger
Hexonator : melodic resonator
Inertia : envelope sequencer
Malfunction : circuit-bent filter
Multitude : quad delay laboratory
Octagon : spectral delay
Sequential : multi-effect sequencer
Shift : animated frequency shifter
Switch : gate sequencer
Torsion : hybrid synth
Turbo : wave transformer
Turbulence : wave transformer : A quick preview of Array, doesn t show its real potential but pretty cool anyway.

Notes: Release NFO:

Please support this great developer if you like these, some really unique fxs in this bundle, a must have for glitch and experimental stuff, but for electronic in general are invaluable. Plug-Ins are reasonably priced, full bundle is 249$ now and almost all single is 29$. If you can afford, just buy one of your choice, you will feel better.

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