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Nautilus Bundle v.2.6.4 AU VST RTAS 32bit MAC OSX

Nautilus Bundle v.2.6.4 AU VST RTAS 32bit MAC OSX
Nautilus Bundle v.2.6.4 MAC OSX
C0PYL3FT3R | 11.08.2014 | 12 MB

The Nautilus Bundle consists of the following three plug-ins: RiverRun - River Run is a Granular Soundscape Synthesizer capable of oozing immense sonic oceans of tiny particals taken from your original audio. It can build rhythmic textures, wide harmonic soundscapes, and it can zoom in on your fragment by stretching it by a factor of up to 200. PeriScope - Look at the audio spectrum via the real-time animating spectroscope, or graphic analyzer, and grab faders where you see the audio happening. Phase Correct EQ, with surgical precision, and unprecedented low frequency resolution. Edit modes range from fluent to massively steep. Deep Phase Nine - Deep Phase Nine is a true phaser that offers unparalleled control and visual feedback. Up to 24 notches per channel, beat locked sample and hold, one-shots, a true phaser (not a flanger!).

These has been made legacy few days ago by AE, so they re probably not even available for purchase anymore. And that s a pity, they should ve made them x64 instead of discontinuing, they are some truly unique sounding plugs for sound design, though being almost 15 years old. Riverrun is probably the best granular synthesis plug-in of its kind. Give em some new life and enjoy!