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ZG Ambient Vol.2 1 CD AKAi

ZG Ambient Vol.2 1 CD AKAi
ZG Ambient Vol.2 1 CD AKAi
P2P | .NRG | 1993 | 308 MB

An impressive inventory of analogue and digital synths... well organised, in stereo. Includes Roland System 100m, SVC3 vocoder, JD990, Korg Wavestation, EMS VCS3, Memorymoog, PPG Wave, Oberheim Matrix 6 and 12... digital drones, pads and effects (all very lush stereo affairs) conjuring up deep space hyperdrives through sinister alien landscapes, etc, beautifully realised... effects are as good as you get: smooth, long, ring modulators, digital cascades and arpeggios, filter sweeps of just about every denomination, computer tone bursts, gong sustains, synthetic winds, computerFX (like Kraftwerk 1975), low drones and sweep-downs (particularly fine), mysterious machinery, anharmonic arpeggios, electronic noise bursts, tubular bells, tasty vocoder loops.

Note: Kontakt, Cdxtract or Extreme Sample Converter can read/extract AKAI CDs

This CD was released in 1993