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Roland-L.A Composers Vol.1-4.Sxx-TZ7iSO

Roland-L.A Composers Vol.1-4.Sxx-TZ7iSO
Roland L.A. Composers Volume 1-4 .Sxx
Team: TZ7 | 4CDs | 06.02.2003 | Size: 358 + 177 + 310 + 374 MB

Based on the Roland Corp. s "Sacro Holy" principle, L.A composers set is a collection featuring a little bit of all (I already hear some that say a little bit of anything hehe). However, we sure have to recognize that the set will seduce most of you, either by the choice of the sounds or the quality of them. You will be able to find both classical or more specific kind of sounds like violins or trumpets as well as effects or electric guitars, choirs, etc... In any case, be certain that these are worthwhile of it !!! So, Don t hesitate and try them...

Vol.1 Content: Woodwinds, Sax, Trumpets, F-horns, Horns, Orch perc, Standard perc, Timpani, Cymbals, Classical Snare & toms, Big Band Combo, Metal & Wood perc, Industrial perc, Ethnic perc, Gamelan, Keyboards, Church Organ, Strings, Etc...

Vol.2 Content: Strings FX, Megadeth E-Gtr Loops, Trumpet FX, Bottle Blws, Swamps Athmospheres, Ozzy Athmospheres, Mindtrips, Flood Sets, Berlin Choirs FX, Etc...

Vol.3 Content: Various Trumpets, Various Flutes, Various Oboes, Various Bassoon, Various Clarinet, Various Stringed Instruments, In short, Various Instruments =)

Vol.4 Content: Various Strings, Various Flutes, Various Orchestral Percs, Various Oboe, In short, Various Instruments =)

Note: Kontakt, Cdxtract can read Roland CDs

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