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Pipe Festival KONTAKT

Pipe Festival KONTAKT
Pipe Festival KONTAKT
DISCOVER | 08 AUGUST 2014 | 765 MB

Pipe Festival is a sound library for Native Instruments Kontakt that offers you a set of 13 real-sampled pipe organ combinations, with a great realism on the sound, especially on the typical background noises, like airflow noise, key-off noise, etc. It also offers a special percussion set that includes timpani, gong and tubular bells.


? 13 real-sampled organ combinations, from the chapel one to the full-ranks one;
? Percussion switch that enables a percussive set composed of timpani (from C1 to F2), gong (same extension of timpani, only at high velocities) and tubular bells (from C4 to C5);
? Enabling one of the combination switches, the bellows starts; disabling the switch, the bellows stops with a realistic noise;
? The Modulation Controller (MIDI CC 1) adjusts the stereo field (0 = mono, 64 = original sampling field, 127 = large stereo field);
? Optimized GUI for touchscreens, if you are an organist and you own a virtual organ;
? Original reverb (sample-tail), dynamically adjusted for shorter/longer notes with the help of an IR sample;
? Compressed file size of 762MB (.ncw compressed samples);
? Works on Kontakt 5.2 or newer (15 mins limit on Kontakt Player).