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Organissimo KONTAKT
DISCOVER | 08 AUGUST 2014 | 753 MB

We?ve sampled an original 17th century organ from an Italian basilica e we decided to create this sample library. Organissimo is a completely new concept of sampled Pipe Organ. It offers a complete set of 29 ranks and 4 special ranks, allowing you to recreate in your own studio an impressive and ?epic? organ sound, decisively valid also for cinematic scores.


? 48KHz 24-bit Stereo sample resolution.
? 29 real sampled ranks + 4 real sampled extra ranks; 4 extra ranks include: 2-layered Tubular Bells, 2-layered Choir, a section of 4 RR Timpani and 2-layered Gong, a synthetic FX ? kit.
? Amazing realism with mechanism noises.
? Presence knob, adjusting bass & treble dynamics.
? Harmonics knob, adjusting the harmonic content.
? Stereo field slider, also controlled by Modulation wheel.
? 3 reverb modes: Real, IR, Insert.
? Special ?Tutti? mode, giving you a real sampled ?all-ranks? sound.
? 3 Microphone positions for ?Tutti? mode: Close, Side, Bottom.
? 40 Combo presets, from the chapel ones to the cathedral ones.
? Non-compressed file size of 1GB (1244 zones).
? Works on Kontakt 5.2 or newer (15 mins only for Kontakt Player).